A journey of embodiment,
expression and self-exploration.


Are you ready to trust the wisdom that lives in your body?
Are you ready to speak confidently from that place?
How would it feel to break free from the judgements of your mind?

Join me for an 8 week virtual experience that will shift the very fabric of your being.

Revel in the freedom of self acceptance as you learn to live your heart song.
Learn to create more authentic relationships by fully speaking your truth.
Discover how to embody love and simply have more fun.

You’ll experience a series of intimate online gatherings that include guided meditation, customized content, movement practices, vocalization exercises, shared song experiences and ritual activities. Through these you’ll effectively learn how to move old traumas, stuck energy and body tension in a creative and pleasurable way.

This is the women’s circle you’ve dreamed of… right in your living room.



Autumn Session
September 17rd - November 5th, 2019

Winter Session
January 28th - March 17th


I will treasure this experience for the rest of my life.
— Ting Kelly


  • Own your capacity to take off your masks and truly be seen

  • Learn to speak your truth and powerfully share your message

  • Move negative emotions into a catalyzing force for your creativity

  • Develop the confidence to sing (beyond the shower!)

  • Disarm the drama of modifying how you speak to (and around) powerful men

  • Connect more deeply to your body’s innate wisdom

  • Learn tips and tricks to living a healthy, congruent life… emotionally, physically, sexually, socially and spiritually

  • Have more fun and enjoy a greater sense of freedom!

If you feel called to know more, read all about it below
or click below to set up a 15 Minute Discovery Call, and we’ll personally be in touch to discuss how we can help you Free Your Voice.

This is for anyone who has ever felt silenced, for anyone who wishes to become more expressed, and for anyone yearning for inner growth.
— Taryn Moon
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what's included?


  • 8 weeks of virtual group calls (6-7:45pm PT)

  • 14 hours of customized course time (using zoom)

  • 2 lunar rituals and ceremonies you can do from your own home

  • 1 private coaching session (60mins)

  • weekly tools, embodiment practices, and vocalization exercises

  • a satchel of goodies including oils, stones and my favorite book

  • an intimately curated community of sisters

  • an ongoing online community

  • guest expert “MUSES” of embodied expression

  • discounts on live immersions and future retreats

  • co-written song experiences

I’ve stored a lot of fear and shame around singing, and it has felt so healing to have a safe space to explore my voice and experiment freely.
— Adelle Sophia

We Kick it off with a FREE bonus!

30 minute deep dive up front!
Me + you + phone. We’ll hone in on your relationship to your voice and uncover what you want to feel, learn, share and express during this journey together!

8 Group Calls. Themed Modules.

We recall all fragmented parts of ourselves. The parts we forgot or were told could not and would not be loved.

We uncover and let go of all the stories, programs, ideas that we inherited. We let them burn in the fire that lights up our sovereignty, our wholeness, our brightest inner light.

We take back our power, our inner knowing, our intuition and our capacity to FEEL. In the safe space of full-permission sisterhood we remember who we really are.

We OWN our personal desire to tell our stories. Together as a counsel of women, we release the tension of suppression and unleash it as healing energy into the world.

We reignite our inner Lover, Truth Teller, and Seductress. We practice feeling and expressing through our bodies.

Through vulnerably sharing ourselves, we release tension and experience the beauty of seeing and hearing ourselves unfiltered, undefended and free.

We sing to be free. We express without apologizing. We listen from the depth of our hearts to our sisters, because in the light of her full expression, we shine even brighter.

We return to our communal essence, creating opportunities to gather and share our voices with our tribe.

2 Lunar Activation Rituals.

The moon is a powerful teacher. When we carve out time to be with nature and listen to our bodies, we allow ourselves to deepen into our feminine receptivity and become more in tune with the universal guidance available to us in each moment.

These two customized rituals feature education, context, and insight around our connection with the moon and our natural rhythms. You’ll enjoy a guided meditation and a ritual that can be done to harness the energies available to us. 

60 minute private coaching call.

Along the way I’ll be offering a one-on-one session to help you navigate any pieces that are conjuring the desire for deeper support. Since we are dancing in the mystery together, you get to use this as the need arises anytime during the course.

Tools and Practices.

  • Meditations, visualizations and practices to help unravel years of tension, grief, anger and trauma that have gotten lodged in the body.

  • Practices to reunite your voice with your body, to ignite into your inner “Heartist”, and to more fully inhabit your chosen areas of expression in the world.

  • Guided opportunities to reclaim your creativity as you craft spoken word pieces, poems, create engaging video posts and verses to self-love songs.

  • A collection of recoded modules that you can do on your own time to help activate areas of your heart, your imagination, and your creative spirit!

Online Community.

We provide a Free Your Voice Facebook group and a private group WhatsApp thread to share footage, stories, photos and reflections of your experience and give support and encouragement for one another as we continue the journey of expressing our heARTs!

I have never felt so truly and deeply held, seen, and supported by a group of women in my whole life.
— Erinn McMurtrie

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Free Your Voice was hands down one of the most transformational experiences of my life.
— Jessica Winterstern



Autumn Session
September 3rd - October 22nd, 2019

Winter Session
January 28th - March 17th





Rayma being a badass.jpg

Rayma Montero

"Free Your Voice led me to explore the deeper parts of myself that I hadn't seen before. From singing, to writing, to chanting, to pure expression.

I received so much unconditional love and support from the amazing women in the group, it was truly invaluable.

Jess is a deeply intuitive mentor that took me deeper and deeper into finding self-acceptance and freedom. I am so grateful for this course… I want seconds!"

Alison Love.jpg

Alison Love

"My experience with Jess was magical from the moment I said Yes!

I deeply appreciate and adore Jess's ability to facilitate the group through a deep process that is indescribable yet so palpable to our innate humanness.

I received exactly what I needed in expressing myself, not just with my voice but with my whole being!"

Taryn Moon.jpg

Taryn Moon

"Jess has unleashed my inner voice, both in speaking and in song. Her guidance was so powerful and she created a safe container for me to really delve into my being.

Weaving a magical space, Jess is able to tailor the experience by using all the tools in her arsenal to really flow with what is needed in that moment."


EXPRESS Your Truth.
EMBODY Your Soul.
LIVE Your HeART Song.