free your shakti

This one is for the sisters!

For months we’ve been conjuring up a unique offering that will enable women to align with their Divine Feminine nature, to nurture Her, and to fully set Her free.

We’ve put our hearts and minds together to create an opportunity that enables women to reconnect with their truest, wildest and most authentic Self in the magical healing land of Bali.

Through art, ritual, music, dance, meditation and sistership circles, we will unlock deep inner wisdom and codes that allow us to stand in our power and confidently, courageously and clearly express ourselves.

For more info or to apply, click here or visit Shakti Rising RadIANCE retreats!

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Catch me at the CoCo Love Stage, April 5th at 2pm serving you as the Mistress of Ceremony Emcee for Bali Spirit Festival 2018