Upcoming tour Dates, live experiences & shows


September 20th Soul Salon Songversation with Charles Eisenstein feat. Elijah Ray and Tru Osborne @ The Assemblage John St. NY, NY

September 9th-16th Soul Salon Songversation (and more) @ Collective Legacy, Hummingbird Ranch, NM

August 24st Soul Salon Songversation feat. Amy Theissen and Tru Osborne @ Private Residence, San Francisco, CA

August 15th Soul Salon Songversation feat. Amber Hartnell and Kim Riccelli @ the Temple of Resonance, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

July 27th Soul Salon Songversation, "The HeART of the Matter" @ Private Estate in Washington, D.C.

July 18th Soul Salon Songversation feat. Chris Keener @ Private Residence, Venice Beach, CA

July 5th-8th Soul Salon Songversation feat. 2016 Global Beatboxing champion, Kaila Mullady and Mark Martin of MTV @ Tribalize: Regenerative Living Summit , Boulder, CO

June 22th Soul Salon Songversation and Summer Solstice Art Opening @ The Life House, Encinitas, CA

June 15th @ 7pm Soul Salon Songversation and Rise of the Butterfly Art Exhibition feat. Layla Love, Elijah Ray and Charles Eisenstein @ The Rise Gallery, 555 W. 25th St. NY, NY

2018 DATES

November 24 - December 1 Return To Source Vocal Activation Retreat with Elijah Ray, Punta Mona, Costa Rica

October 31 - November 4 A Fest 2018, Bali

August 26th - September 3rd Burning Man, @ Black Rock City, NV

July 1st Ancient Ceremony and Musical Concert with High Priestess of Bali, Ida Resi Alit and Samuel J @ Eve Encinitas, Encinitas, CA 

April 11th-16th Free Your Shakti Women's Retreat with Maria Chavez @ Dragonfly Village, Ubud, Bali

April 2nd-8th Emceeing Bali Spirit Fest || Yoga * Dance * Music @ Bali Purnati, Ubud, Bali

March 19th-21st Spring Equinox Loveolution Retreat with Ixchel Love and Dustin Kyle Brooks, Ubud, Bali

February 22nd-25th Envision Festival @ Rancho La Merced, Costa Rica

February 17th-22nd Superhero Academy Mastermind @ Punta Mona EcoVillage, Costa Rica

January 11th @ 9am private ceremony with John and Eden, Bonsall, CA

2017 DATES

December 2nd and 3rd, "BODY" @ Station Co-Lab, Encinitas, CA

November 18th, 7pm, "Wild Vessel" @ secret location in Los Angeles, CA

October 21st-24th, Shakti Rising Radiance Retreat, Ubud, Indonesia

September 30th, 7pm with Samuel J @ Akasha, Ubud, Indonesia

August 6th, 8pm, guest appearance with Porangui and friends, Eve Encinitas, Encinitas, CA

July 22, 9am, private ceremony with John and Eden, Bonsall, CA

July 9th, 9am and 11am, Center for Spiritual Living Irvine, Irvine, CA

July 8th, 7:30pm, muSIC House Soft Launch and Album Release Party, Cardiff, CA

June 10th, 7pm "Initiation" with Joe Muscatello and Elijah Ray @ Private Residence in Encinitas, CA

May 25th-28th, Free Your Voice workshop and Gospel Brunch with Heart Medicine @ Lightning in a Bottle, Bradley, CA

April 29th, 7pm, Garden of Eden presents, "Pachamama" @ The World Beat Center, San Diego, CA

April 16th, 12-3pm, "Freedom and Resurrection Gospel Brunch with Heart Medicine" @ muSIC House, Cardiff, CA

March 11th, 7-11pm, Planet Love Fest @ Seaside Center for Spiritual Living, Cardiff, CA

February 4th, 9pm "HeART Liberation" @ Station Co-Lab, Carlsbad, CA

February 3rd, Heart Medicine Soft Launch @ Eve Encinitas

2016 DATES

December 31st, Kalu Yala @ Panama City (To Be Confirmed)

November 15th, Women Leaders Global Transformation Gala - COP22 @ Marrakech, Morocco

October 29th, "Unseen", Garden of Eden @ Encinitas, CA

September 11 - 16th, "Conversations On the Edge" @ Esalen Institute, CA

September 10th, World Merit Foundation Leadership Summit - The United Nations @ New York, NY

September 1-3rd, Camp Mystic and Red Lightning, Burning Man @ Black Rock City, NV

August 12 - 15th, Beloved Festival @ Tidewater Oregon

July 15 - 17th, "Community Rising" @ Encinitas, CA

June 18th, 8pm - A LOVE Experience with Krista Richards @ Del Mar, CA

May 31st, 8pm - Free Your Voice Open Mic Ritual @ San Francisco (Private Event)

May 16 - 21st, Women Economic Forum (WEF) @ New Delhi, India

April 15 - 18th, The Hive Global Leadership Program @ Harvard

April 2nd, 7pm - "Goddess Rising" @ Garden of Eden - Encinitas, CA

March 2 - 6th, META Method Women's Retreat featuring Free Your Voice @ Costa Rica

February 18 - 27th, New Frontiers 2016 @ Aroha Valley, New Zealand

February 12 - 15th, The Hive Global Leadership Program @ San Francisco

2015 DATES

November 19th, 7pm - with Krista Richards and special guest Tru Osborne "An Evening of HeART n Soul" @ Private Estate in Harlem, NYC

October 24th, 7:30pm - with Krista Richards @ The Castle - Los Angeles, CA - get tickets here!

October 22nd, 7:30pm - Music Genre Project @ Naivasha Studio & Gallery - San Francisco

September 30th, 6am - Daybreaker NYC - get tickets here!

September 23rd, 7pm - "Igniting a Songversation" @ Private Estate in SoHo, NYC

September 3rd, 6:05am - Burning Man - Black Rock City, NV @ 2 and G