your vocal channel



Free Your Voice for FUN

  1. Find a song that you LOVE to sing, or a song that really makes you feel something.

Choose something you already know or that you can learn enough that you can sing it without being in your head.


Practice singing this song until there is one line you can “hook” or repeat over and over like a mantra. Once you have that line, let yourself keep singing it until you can make it your own. Maybe even change the melody… let it bloom into your own personal rendition. (See my example in the WhatsApp thread)


When you’re ready, FILM yourself and send it to the thread. For real. After you feel complete, relax, integrate, journal, write about how you felt during the process, what came up for you, and what you noticed when you were finished.

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Expression in connection

Give Her a Partner

Make a time over the weekend to connect with your partner. Ask her the following questions, and see how you can support each other in coming to our last call ready to share.

  1. What energy center has been the biggest teacher for you so far and how do you want to continue to cultivate the connection between that wisdom center and your voice?

  2. What’s one thing that you feel most proud of during our time together?


    What’s one thing you want to create for yourself, or an edge you want to push before we complete our time together? How can I support you?


for our final session

Take any one of the Om Work invitations and bring them to our final call on the 9th. We’ll be having a sharing circle celebration of YOU and your journey!


  1. The letter of reclamation from your Pussy and the “I’m not sorry” song

  2. The song or mantra you created in nature in connection between your womb and life

  3. Your stand as warrioress and protectress… evolved into a mantra, a dance and/or a chant, or declaration

  4. Toning into the center of the center of the center of your heart and allowing a message to come forth in your own way, in song