week 3 om work


New Moon. New Womb.

We are about to embark into the journey with the Womb and connecting to Her energy, expression, wisdom, and frequency. Your womb is linked with the energy of your 2nd or Sacral Chakra which is the source of your creative power.

As we dance in the energy of connecting more deeply to the voice of our Pussy (pussy pussy pussy pussy, c’mon…go for it!) we invite in our womb as Her deep ally… to create in harmony.


This New Moon of March 6th is perfectly placed to clear our any blocks, fears, doubt that came from outside yourself and cleverly lodged in your subconscious to hold you back from your true power…

Our next session will go deeper into aspects of Sovereignty and Creativity, so in preparation, this Om Work is asking you to work with New Moon energy to take inventory on voices that aren’t yours, that may be influencing how you express in the world, and to clear space for the emergence of something deeper… and more your own.

MoonMediation .jpg

Often times certain things we are working through didn’t even happen in our lifetime. Yet they still affect us, and they arise and make themselves known when we are ready to heal, transmute, or transform patterns that have been passed down through our lineage. Never underestimate your power of alchemy… to transform some lead you’ve been given into a nugget of gold that is yours to claim… and share!

Womb Moon Ritual.jpg


your very first “living womb”

We often forget that during the 9 months we are gestating in our mother’s womb, we are receiving all kinds of information that result from her mental, emotional, physical and psychic space.

For those of you whose mamas are still with us, take some time over this next week to ask her about what was happening for her during her pregnancy with you.

For those whose mamas have passed, see if you can get some juice from your papas or anyone else who was around.

See if you can find out something that you didn’t know before. Be curious and have fun with this! It can be really bonding, and sometimes rather illuminating.

womb art.jpg


Riding the energy of this moon (which is strongest within 8 hours of the peak of “newness” but lasts at least 48 hours after) the invitation is to create an altar with a glass or bowl of water as the centerpiece. Your womb is deeply connected to the element of water.

Spend 5-10 minutes in meditation, and invite forward any of the voices that you have inherited from external sources that hold you back from your sovereign thinking or your creative expression. This could be a parent, a teacher, The Patriarchy, the “mean girls” who didn’t like your style in Junior High, a religious authority or spiritual teacher… it could feel silly, but if you trust the process, it could end up being really deep and revealing.

Allow yourself to free-write, unfiltered, and allow any emotions that feel real to arise, and then flow into the journaling exercise below.

JOURNALING // Reflections


What thoughts did you adopt from them that you realize weren’t your own?


What impact have these influences had on you?


Describe the space that has been taking up on your end? In other words, the energy required to live into someone else’s model or expectations. What emotions arise?


From that writing, place your hand on your belly, and breathe deeply into your Womb. Toning or humming to enhance your connection with that center. Ask Her if there is a mantra (or nugget of wisdom) She has for you as you continue on this path of free expression. Once you have it, pick up the glass of water and sing it or say it repeatedly until you feel you’ve infused the water with that energy, then drink the water. We’ll have the opportunity to share our mantras on our WhatsApp thread!


What are you wanting to create in the world that is completely unique to you, and only yours to do?

Free-write about this and then distill it down in one simple sentence. Place this written intention on your altar for the rest of our program or at least the next week!