First ever Soul Salon, SoHo, NY.  Photo by the glorious  Peter Ruprecht

First ever Soul Salon, SoHo, NY.  Photo by the glorious Peter Ruprecht


a new genre of performance heart

Inspired by the name of India Aire’s 2013 album, Jess Magic created a genre of immersive, emergent musical experiences called “Songversations,” where she blends story-telling with original music and improvisation, inviting the audience and other performing artists to be a part of the creative process. 

While I appreciate performance art and music as much as anybody, I have yet to experience anything quite like what Jess has created. She delivers on her intention of opening people’s hearts, not in a way that is fluffy or uncomfortable, but rather in a way that is enjoyable, like she’s somehow slipped in a magic pill that leaves you more connected to others, yourself, and in love with this life experience.
— Andrew Hewitt, Founder GameChangers 500

This Spring, she’ll kick off her 2018 Soul Salon Tour at Bali Spirit Festival, exploring themes from her upcoming guidebook "Philosophies of a Heartist".  The guidebook, as well as these live experiences, are deep explorations into the heart’s journey of love, loss, numbness, heartbreak, healing, resilience, evolution, expansion, and remembering our humanity. 

Attendees can be prepared to witness internal and external barriers to their intimacy and expression being broken down in moments, while enjoying a musical dialogue that rises from the willingness of the group to be raw, reverent and real.  

Audiences are often intentionally curated, to create utmost intimacy, inspiration, and willingness to be taken on a magic carpet ride of music, story, poetry and conversation, with no boundaries between the artist and the audience.

For more information on dates for the Soul Salon Series or booking click here.