This image by my friend  Hans Walor  is the perfect image for  Free Your Voice.  A courageous journey where tender heart meets wild soul.

This image by my friend Hans Walor is the perfect image for Free Your Voice. A courageous journey where tender heart meets wild soul.

EXPRESS Your Truth. EMBODY Your Soul. LIVE Your HeART Song.

After centuries of being silenced, women are waking up to the full power of their voice.  If you are ready to connect to your femininity, empower your creativity, develop a direct connection between your intuition and your expression, feel confident speaking your truth and courageous enough to boldly sing from your heart, it could be time for you to Free Your Voice.

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what's included?

Free Your Voice is an eight week virtual series (2 lunar cycles) that Includes:

  • 14 FYV customized course hours (using zoom)

  • 1 private coaching session

  • rituals and ceremonies you can do from your own home

  • guest expert “MUSES” of embodied expression

  • co-written song experiences

  • daily tools, practices, and video modules

  • a special satchel of goodies to support your rituals and practices

  • an intimately curated community of sisters

  • an UNFORGETTABLE experience of sisterhood with an inner counsel of expressionaries, witnessing your heart and soul taking the microphone

  • Special discounts on live immersions and future retreats

2019 Program Schedule

Winter Session “RENEW”: Jan 8th - Feb 29th

Spring Session “BLOOM”: April 9th - May 28th

Summer Session “SHINE”: July 2nd - August 20th

Autumn Session “HARVEST”: October 1st - November 19th


Rayma being a badass.jpg

Rayma Montero

"Free Your Voice led me to explore the deeper parts of myself that I hadn't seen before. From singing, to writing, to chanting to express what needed to be expressed, and receiving so much unconditional love and support from the amazing women in the group, was invaluable. Jess is a deeply intuitive mentor that took me deeper and deeper into finding self-acceptance and freedom. I am so grateful for this course! I want seconds!"

Alison Love.jpg

Alison Love

"My experience with Jess was magical from the moment I said Yes

I deeply appreciate and adore Jess's ability to facilitate the group through a deep process that is indescribable yet so palpable to our innate humanness.

I received exactly what I needed in expressing myself not just with my voice but with my whole being!"

Taryn Moon.jpg

Taryn Moon

"Jess's guidance through Free Your Voice has been so powerful for my growth. She has unleashed my inner voice so that I may be fully expressed, both in speaking and in song. The container that she facilitated for myself and my free your voice sisters is such a safe space to really delve deeply into our being and into each other's being. It is a truly moving and authentic experience and I recommend it to anyone who has ever felt silenced, to anyone who wishes to become more presently expressed and to anyone who wishes for any type of inner growth. She truly weaves a magical space and is able to tailor the experience by using all the tools in her arsenal to really flow with what is needed in that moment. I will treasure this experience and all that it has given me for the rest of my life."