Womb Invoking Oshun.jpeg


Invoking Her Connection With Nature


Find a time to go into nature - a place that speaks to an element to which you feel a deep connection.  


Place your hand on your womb and invite Her into communion. Breath all the way down into her and let give her time to fill up with the energy of the element of nature you’ve chosen to be with. She will show you how to connect with that aspect of nature.


See what message that connection has and how it wants to come forward. What wisdom is held either by that aspect of nature or within the way your womb perceives and receives that wisdom?


Journal about any relevance you feel in that message or teaching for you in your life right now.



Give Her a Voice!

Once you’ve done the Ritual. See if you can open your voice and bring Her wisdom into a tone (like how we did in our session… remember to allow your tone to drop deeper than you may be used to hearing your normal singing voice). Once you feel connected to this tone, see if there is a word that wants to come out… like Ma, Mama, Vam, Aya, Oye… or anything else that emerges.

Allow yourself to sing this over and over and see what unfolds and where that energy takes you. She will take you, if you allow ;-)

Bonus: Film your process so that you can capture the raw magic of your process and share with the group!!!



5 years ago I was touched by Her and this came out…


2 years ago it turned into this…you just never know what happens when you let go and find something bigger to sing for.


Inspiration around sovereignty

This quote below is from an African American songstress during a sermon where she is giving the congregation permission to connect to the truth of God in their own way, rather than how they’ve been taught or told, going out on a limb of defiance of the Patriarchal constructs in her own way.

It’s good news when you reject things as they are. When you lay down the world as it is, and you take responsibility for shaping your own way. That’s good news.
— Sweet Honey In The Rock, November 8th, 1980