the voice of pussy

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Ho’o’ponopono Ritual - Song & Bath

One thing about Pussy is that when we take the time to connect with her, she responds. Remember how in our dance ritual she had a message that was unique and just for you? She loves our attention and has so much to show us and so much to say in her own way. This ritual is about nourishing the connection between her voice and your listening. It’s also an opportunity to apologize directly to her for any time when you didn’t. Whether it was allowing someone inside of her who she didn’t really feel treated her with the honor she deserves, or a not giving her enough love, gentleness and care after an unwanted sexual experience, or just ignoring an intuition that she was trying to show you…it’s never too late to create a renewed and deepened relationship with her, and your capacity to be in connection with her wisdom.

  1. Draw a bath with your favorite bath salts, candles, essential oils. and select your favorite version of Ho’o’ponopono to learn and sing to her.

Gently lay your hand on her and make physical connection and bring to mind any moment, experience, person or situation that you want to address with her. Allow yourself to feel the impact on her, your body, your expression, you.


When you are ready. Sing the song to her. Ho’o’ponopono is a Hawaiian forgiveness ritual. The name itself means “make right twice”, so this ritual is really powerful for forgiving yourself and forgiving anyone else involved. In this case it’s mainly designed to be between the part of you that didn’t listen or somehow abandoned your/ her inner knowing and her wisdom, sovereignty, pleasure and freedom.

Note: I’ll be sharing some of my personal favorite ways to sing this song on the WhatsApp Group. Feel free to also make up your own using a version of your own using the lyrics…

I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. thank you. I love you.

For now here is one version I used to sing with my ladies of Heart Medicine (Krista Richards, the one on the right is coming in as one of our Guest Muses later in our program!)


After you feel complete, relax, integrate, journal, lay in soft, cozy blankets and pillows and give her whatever she wants.

She’ll thank you ;-)

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Give Her a Voice!

Once you’ve done the Ho’o’ponopono ritual, it’s time to also tell the story of what you are not sorry for! And this time, it’s directly sourced from your sweet n’ sassy Sacred Gateway.

Take the time and space to create a letter from your pussy...a letter of reclamation…OR…a song…an “I’m not sorry”...chant.

Start with movement to a song that helps her come alive. Let yourself moan and a groan before you bring words or lyrics in. Let it really be from her!

Bonus: Film your process so that you can capture the depth, the things that surprise you, or the heat of the moment of rawness

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What is a value you have suppressed for the sake of survival?

In other words, what gift of yours that wasn’t “valued”, seen or encouraged by our Patriarchal World Culture or someone who was highly influential in your life?

What was the impact of that on your life, especially in regards to how you express, bring yourself forward or move in life?

What wisdom did you gain on the other side?

Note: You can do this in conjunction with your bath ritual or at another time that feels more true.