full moon ritual

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The light of this Full Moon is strong, and the pull of its energy has such an intensity, that we will have no other choice but to open up.

In perfect timing with our first session, this time of the month presents an opening where the contents of our lives will be released and exposed, we will have the opportunity to see what is really brewing on the inside.

This exposure and release can happen on a mind, body, spirit level or on a combination of all three, so in the ritual below, I invite you to really welcome all parts of you to engage and participate!

On a mental level, this Full Moon is going to be exposing all that we need to release and let go of.

To help us with this, the Universe may stir some of our core fears, or agitate some of our beliefs in order to help bring awareness and exposure to them.
— foreverconscious.com

All of us have fear kicking around somewhere… that’s why we’re here together doing this work.

Fear is a natural and common part of the human experience. The more conscious we can become of our fear, the more it helps us to know when it is driving our decisions or when it is simply in the background as a way to protect us.

Fear can be healthy in reasonable doses, but often times it

  • holds us back from standing in our power

  • causes us to suppress our truth

  • keeps us stuck in repetitive patterns

  • lowers our vibrational state/ prevents us from experiencing the extent of JOY that we are capable of


Being that this Virgo Full Moon is the closest it will be to Earth all year, its energy is perfect for releasing and manifesting.

The ritual below combines both of these elements, and also takes into consideration other cosmic forces surrounding this earthy Virgo Moon as well.

This ritual is best done from February 18th-March 4th, 2019

You will need:

  • Your journal

  • Smudging tool of choice (palo santos, sage, sweet grass are some options)

  • 1 candle

  • 1 black sheet of paper or a dark stone

  • Large bowl of water

  • Glass of drinking water

  1. Take some time to free-write in your journal about the fear you are aware of around expressing yourself or bringing yourself fully forward.

  2. See if there is a deeper fear underneath that and keep going down … once you’ve arrived at this fear connect with it’s energy … its texture … its face … who it represents and how it’s trying to protect you.  From this place, write a letter...let it become your deepest ally on this journey, give it/ him/ her a name.

  3. Let us know when it is present and with you so we can beam it live on the calls!