Hello BeautY!

You made it!!! This is your introductory Om Work!


I recommend carving out an hour following up the video below to dive into this particular practice. Depending on how deep you want to go and how creative you want to get. This can also be something you evolve over the week.

So sit back, take it in and HAVE FUN with this! It will be a great way to envision your own personal journey as well as to share yourself with the rest of the group!

OK… enough of my yapping… time to play!

First things first, find yourself a comfortable seat.
Then simply press play and enjoy…


Here is your first piece of om work…

1. Use time this evening (or sometime this week before our first session) to put together two collages. They can be digital or material (whichever most delights your creative spirit).

2. One will be images that depict you as you stand right now, the other will be the version of yourself you see in the other side of this work. You can use images of goddesses, mentors, celebrities, fictional characters, animals, baby pictures, textures, trees, colors… whatever you feel helps paint those two pictures on an emotional, energetic and mythic level.

3. Get creative, artistic, and have FUN!!!

4. We’ll use these to introduce ourselves next week. 

5. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and real... share yourself. SHOW yourself. That’s what this journey is all about. And the deeper you go, the more you will give others permission to meet you in that place! 



Here is an example from one of our ann-sisters

(Free Your Voice alumni).

The top is where she felt she was at the beginning, and the bottom two are goddesses and aspects of herself that she wanted to step more fully into during our time together through her embodiment and expression.

Free Your Voice_hOMeWork Example_Jess W.png

I invite you to loose yourself in this practice (you just might learn something) and I look forward to seeing you next week!