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Music speaks when words just aren't quite enough to do justice to a feeling, a relationship, a movement, or a heart-achingly BEAUTIFUL love story.  Custom Songs make an unforgettable gift for a loved one's anniversary, wedding present, the birth of a baby, the launch of a mission-oriented company or movement, and even a life celebration to honor someone's passing.  This life is so precious, why not memorialize the most meaningful moments in a unique form of expression that will last MORE than a lifetime!


Novalena and Jeremy Nichelle Dancing to their custom love song "SuperNova" on their wedding day.


One of my favorite things to do in life is climb inside of someone's epic love story and swim around in it until I feel it permeating every cell in my being.  Its in that moment when I can truly honor their unique power of their love by memorializing it in song.  For this reason I have to be discerning in whose love stories I decide to write about because the process is so deep, rich, emotional, evocative, and enthralling, that I have to really respect and honor the love that I am bringing into song form.  The couple pictured here, Novalena and Jeremy Nichelle, are two of my best friends, and writing their love story from Jeremy's perspective, as his wedding gift to Nov, was one of the great joys of my life.  I co-wrote this song with Krista Richards, and if you'd like to listen to the scratch track of us singing in her living room, click here.  Or to see the surprise live performance we did at the wedding, click here.


Soulmate love stories make for INCREDIBLE content. Michelle and Josh were an absolute blessing to write for. "You are My Star" was written for their 14th anniversary.


My experience working with Jess Magic was exactly that -- an experience of magic.

My soulmate and twin flame of 17 years deserves the best and for our last anniversary, that's what I wanted: a gift that expressed in song (sometimes words are not enough spoken) the devotion and crazy, crazy love I have for him. The best.

I wanted to create a song for him that wove in our story and what his love has done to and for me in this lifetime. It was a project that had many layers, needed a lot of luscious listening, with just as much creative wizardry.

Though I'm a hopeless romantic, this isn't my genius, and so enlisting Jess's support and deep creativity was instrumental in this surprise.

She sat with me and asked me just the right questions, assembling for herself the answers (but more -- the feelings) she knew needed to be expressed in our love song.

She was so wise in her questions, and even more caring holding me as she held all my stories, some, in fact, I had never shared with others before. She is the epitome of tender loving care through creative collaboration.

I felt so alive in the process.

She took our rich and special love story and created a song that was rich and special with feeling I can't put into words.

Our hug the night I played the song for Josh amidst candle light in our new home spoke for itself.

In true Jess Magic form, she not only delivered the song I so wanted and more, she also created the acapella version.

As an artist that can support you to bring your voice to life, Jess is above and beyond the best that art, soul, fire and water has ever produced.

To say that Josh was blown away is an understatement.

Though it was our love story that inspired the creation, Jess Magic has a way, not only with expression and song, but with picking out the gold that will truly capture and express what you most feel inside.

That's the true gift.


Jody England, founder of Wild Soul Medicine Radio, Women Come Undone, and Untamed You commissioned the "Untamed Anthem" to launch her radio show and be the opening theme song.


I barely know where to begin with expressing my love and gratitude for the truly Magical, Jess Johnson (Jess Magic). In our first meeting I was so taken by her complete and utter embodiment of Essence. All the way to and through with this One. And that’s a lot coming from me… as I am a Soul Healer who champions the Return of Essence in my own work. After just moments of experiencing Jess, I told her I wanted her to write a song for my work. A song that called women forward into Who They Really Are. With no further instruction and no additional input needed, we parted ways and allowed the energetic unfolding to occur. As my radio show began to birth into Being, I contacted Jess to see if she felt ready to breathe life into a theme song for our platform. What happened next is no less than a miracle — the most beautiful unfoldment, filled with grace, ease, and synchronicity upon synchronicity.

When Jess called me a few weeks later to tell me the song was complete, I was ecstatic. My heart was pounding as I opened the audio and as I heard the words and felt the pulse of the transmission I began to cry. It is rare that someone can meet me in my complexity, power, and directness, but Jess had done it. Completely. We adopted the Untamed Anthem as the theme song for Wild Soul Medicine Radio and our listeners LOVE it. They tell us that they listen to it with their daughters and dance to it every time it comes on. It is so much more than a theme song. As we say, it is a mantra, a prayer, an activation, and a call to action.

One of the things that continues to delight me about the depth of Jess’s creation is that is continues to grow me up into it. I notice that it is almost an oracle of future awareness that continues to call me forward. I find myself marveling at how a year after the song was written I heard myself delivering a radio show about the Temple of Becoming (something I had never talked about before) and realized Jess had already written that into our song. In addition, at the time of the song’s creation, I was not a drummer, nor did I own one. However, 18 months later I found myself introducing the Medicine Drum that had been birthed through me and is now an integral part of my work. Jess used a medicine drum as the one and only instrument in our Anthem.

Jess Magic is truly the gift that keeps on giving. In her Being and her creations there is no one more real, more heart, more bliss than this Beautiful Soul. I trust her implicitly. Hire her only if you desire to be seen and met in the deepest possible way. She will crack you open and guide you Home. It’s just Who She Is.


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