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CREATRIX IS a highly curated, devotional group of badass women dedicated to using their voices, their art and their feminine power to create a real impact in our world.


~ THE invitation ~

Welcome Beauty ;-)

If you have landed here, it’s because you are seen, and deeply honored.

You are a woman who feels herself, who feels this planet, who feels all of life, who knows who She is, and who is deeply connected to the Feminine Source of Creative Power.

You are invited to join a coven of 13 lovingly selected women who love fiercely, source magic from a place of pure intent and create with the fire in their bellies and heARTs of gold.  

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~ The Mission ~

Your prayer is our mission. You are needed right now and you know it.

It’s time to bring forth your gifts as a voice for the voiceless, for the planet, for your own wild heart and for the feminine at large. This iteration of Creatrix has been birthed to help midwife your magic into the world in a whole new way.

~ The Playground ~

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You’re already living a life most people dream of, and yet you know there is something that has been brewing in side of you, waiting to pour forth. It’s your time, and maybe, just maybe this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Imagine bringing your most precious wisdom into a sacred container where a dedicated group of sisters bear witness; offering support, powerful accountability and focused attention to the potency of how you share it.

Imagine working with guides who are devoted to helping you cultivate your voice as a magic wand of connection, receiving thoughtful, intuitive reflections on how to distill your message and wild celebration for the unique beauty of your art and expression.

Imagine the feeling of walking onto a stage that feels like a ceremony, carrying a piece of your art, and knowing that is medicine for all who are ready to receive… emboldened with the confidence of having been supported, uplifted, and invested in by a commUNITY of allies who crave to live in a world where your heART and soul have the microphone.

That is the power of Creatrix.

~ The Details ~

9 Weeks of Virtual Gatherings + Week-long Live Retreat in Costa Rica

SESSION DATES: Winter 2019

TIMES: Tuesday, 6pm - 7:30pm PT



LOCATION: Anywhere you are + Magical venue in Costa Rica


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What will I learn?

Core Content and Cultivation

~ Impact ~

Learn how to deliver and express your artistry in a powerfully embodied way

~ Command ~

Learn how to captivate your audience so they can fully receive your medicine

~ Refine ~

Practice distilling down your message into its most potent form

~ Presence ~

Overcome your fears of rejection and stand in your power amidst varied settings and audiences

~ Attune ~

Discover tools to meet people where they are at

~ Transform ~

From performing to “prayer-forming”

Turn your inspiration into a legendary force of transformational heART

~ HeARTiculate ~

Create a congruent channel of expression from your internal world into your external environment

~ Transcend ~

Learn how to harmonize with the monkey mind in the midst of your magic

~ Listen ~

Learn how to listen to the energetics of a room in relationship to what you are sharing to create a resonant experience

~ The Takeaways ~

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What will I walk away with?

  • Ability to tap into your channel at will

  • More confidence and presence on stage and in life

  • An accountability circle for your most precious wisdom

  • One finished “Soul Piece” ready to deliver to the world

  • An experience of bringing a sacred piece of your heART to a curated audience

  • Methods and practices to drop into your why so your sharing has more gravitas

  • A professionally shot video of your prayer in form

~ Signature Teachings ~

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Why work with Krista and Jess?

Krista Richards and Jess Magic have a combined 16 years of experience in embodiment, expression, vocal and performance coaching.  Each brings her own unique toolkit of techniques, practices, meditations, methodology, and philosophies on how to tap into flow state, as well as work a room.

Krista Bio Pic.png

“Krista has completely revolutionized the way I relate to my voice.”

KL, Encinitas, CA

Jess Magic Bio Pic.png

Jess is a true ‘permissionary’. It’s like she was born to hold a space for others to fully shine their light.

JT, Bali, Indonesia

unique nuggets from their shared satchel of wisdom include:

  1. How to sing to the one person in the room who really needs it

  2. How to embrace who is in the room and give it your all despite circumstances

  3. Cleanse the toxicity of comparison - shift from competition consciousness to collaboration consciousness

  4. Overcome your perfection paralysis… the ongoing saga

  5. Learn secret diva hacks to get the best of your voice

  6. Connect to your voice, body and breath in a way that unleashes control, power and presence that you didn’t know you had

JJ and KR Singing.png
Krista and Jess’s voices are distinctly unique, yet they source from the same place, as they both sing from the depths of their heart and soul, holding nothing back. I’ve witnessed again and again how their unabashed expression naturally invites those in their presence to open more fully beyond the fear and hesitation that would otherwise hold them back from felling the freedom to express. They are true musical muses of the heART!
— Amber Hartnell

~ Value ~

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What is this program worth?

  • 9 weeks of vocal transformation work with Krista 

  • 9 weeks of vocal empowerment coaching with Jess

  • 1:1 session with Jess

  • 1:1 Session with Krista

  • All inclusive 7 day retreat in a stunning tropical location

    • Hour massage with one of our body magicians

    • Sacred evening medicine ceremony

    • Dress rehearsal with coaching from Jess & Krista and feedback from your peers

    • Organic meals and snacks provided by high vibe culinary Creatrix

    • Highly curated Prayerformance

  • Professionally recorded copy of your Prayerformance piece

    Total Value: $15,800

~ What’s Included ~

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What does my investment include?

  • 9 week focused creative container

  • 9 group sessions @ 90 min each

  • Themes + Exercises + Writing Prompts + Coaching

  • curated group of soul-ally women

  • 1:1 session with Krista (commanding your voice with devotion, power & presence)

  • 1:1 session with Jess (ripping the lid off & bearing your soul)

  • 7 day retreat @ a beautiful temple mansion

  • Sacred medicine ceremony

  • Curated prayerformance + rehearsals + coaching & rituals to bring your soul forward

  • Artful experience design

  • Professionally shot video of your performance piece

    Total Investment: $4900

    (Payment plans available: 3 installments of $1700 or 6 installments of $850)

~ Retreat & Prayerformance ~

Ceremony Pic.png

~ Retreat itinerary subject to change ~

Day 1

* Arrive San Jose
* Welcome Drinks and Dinner at Hotel

Day 2

* Breakfast at Hotel
* Transport to Turrialba
* Whitewater Rafting on the Pacuare River
* Lunch on the River
* Transport to Puerto Viejo
* Dinner
* Night on the town in Puerto Viejo

Day 3

* Breakfast at Hotel
* Transport to Manzanillo
* Jungle Hike to Punta Mona
* Orientation

* Swimming and beach time
* Opening Dinner at Punta Mona
* Fire Ceremony and Music

Days 4 - 6

* Embodiment Practices
* Breakfast
* Morning Session
* Lunch
* Afternoon Session
* Swimming and beach time and medicinal mud bath

* Journaling and Solo Integration Time
* Dinner
* Evening Experiences including SoundLight Journeys, Soul Salons and Freestyle Jam Sessions

Day 7

* Ecstatic Dance
* Breakfast

* Closing Ceremony at Punta Mona
* Boats leave for Manzanillo
* Wild Surprise Adventure

* Shopping and Lunch in Puerto Viejo (on your own)
* Transportation to San Jose
* Farewell Elixirs and Dinner

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If you feel called to know more, click below to set up a 15 Minute Discovery Call, and we’ll personally be in touch to discuss if this journey is a perfect fit for you.


~ connect ~

creatrix is a highly curated, devotional group of badass women here to create a real impact in our world.

Please share your desires and intentions for being a part of this high-touch, multi-dimensional journey, and we’ll follow up to schedule a 15 minute Discovery Session.

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This is a brand new offering by Jess Magic and Krista Richards. For more info about Krista Richards, click here.

For more info about Jess Magic, click here. For more information about their music project, Heart Medicine, click here.

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EXPRESS Your Truth.
EMBODY Your Soul.
LIVE Your HeART Song.