you were born to love


Christina Mama!

Thank you for taking the time to share your heart with Pete and I.  It’s exciting to meet another woman who loves so deeply and who knows the power of her heART.

Between our time on the phone and your conversation with Pete, here is what I heard matters most to you right now…



Your love is big and powerful and yet also misunderstood.  You desire a lifestyle where you are free to be you… no need to hide or compromise. You want to love fully, honour your relationship with God, and wholeheartedly trust your judgment (at all times).


You are recognizing that your time is precious, and you want to spend it with people who light you up as much as you light them up.  You crave better boundaries, deeper levels of discernment and impeccability with how you invest your energy. So that at the end of the day (or weekend) you feel truly aligned with your choices on every level.


You want to work with someone who sees you. Someone who gets you and who is fully in your corner.  You don’t need someone just to talk to. You want someone who has codes for you; who has walked the path; who is a full champion for your soul. Someone who can bring awareness to limiting beliefs and old patterns. Someone who can ritualize your behaviors and co-create more uplifting and enriching ways of being.


I got your back!


Imagine having a sister that gets you so deeply.  That sees your greatness.  That champions your magical, wild, sacred heart and also cuts straight through the BS of any old ways of being that no longer serve you.  Someone in your corner... like a little angel on your shoulder, whispering wisdom when you find yourself in situations that compromise your integrity and your knowing of who you really are.


Doing one-off sessions will not create lasting behavior change. According to Phillippa Lally, it takes exactly 66 days to change a habit.  Because of this, I work with people for a minimum of two months, so we can really experience powerful growth.

Also with most therapists and coaches you only have access to them during the session itself.  For me this creates a formality and a rigidity that limits the depth of relationship we are creating.  

I’m less of a service provider and more of a soul-ally.  I help you tap into the voice of your higher-self and connect with Her more clearly. Together we decipher the less empowering voices of judgment and criticism so you can live a more congruent life.


Two months (66 days) of sessions:
3 per month to be used at your discretion.  I recognize that your schedule is dynamic.  I recommend spacing them out by at least a week so you have time to implement new practices and revel in the juicy reflections. I also love providing flexibility in case you have something relevant or timely that you’d like to drop into.

Custom Tools, Practices and Rituals:
You want to up level the way you weekend, yes?  I’ll create customized journal practices for you to track how your desires match your experiences so we can chart our course together. This way, you can see your journey and growth unfold in front of your eyes, and in your own words… maybe even write a song about it ;-)

Staying in Connection:
During the time that we’re working together, I’ll create a WhatsApp or Voxer thread for us to stay connected. Reach out anytime.


In the rare case where I offer a single session for a client, the fee is on a sliding scale between $444 and $555 for a 90min session. 

For further context, my professional retainer for sessions + custom practices + ongoing communication is $1500/month.  My friends and family rate is $1111/month.


Pete shared with me how much he sees and adores you and that goes a long way with me. Plus, I really feel you and loved our conversation.  So (with a drum roll)…

6x 60-75min sessions
Custom Practices
Ongoing Communication

I’d love to offer you a very special Soul Family rate of
$888 per month for a minimum of 2 months.

I would appreciate you keeping this rate confidential. This is almost $100 off each session for my F&F plan and close to 50% off of my professional retainers.

The Fine Print

I mostly work with people in group coaching programs. Therefore the folks I do work with 1:1 have to be a really good fit. 

Integrity and alignment are two huge values for me, and I only work with people who I really feel I can serve.  You feel like that to me and I am excited to see what you and I can create together.

In service of your epic heart.
In service to our Creator.
In service to love.

I’ll reach out personally to follow up.
Looking forward to connecting!